So this is hockey

When baseball was done for the year I sat and stared at my T.V. I was bereft without baseball and looking at a long cold winter with nothing to watch. Did I really want to spend another winter staring out the window looking at the snow and waiting for spring training? Counting the days until baseball was back? For me baseball isn’t really back when spring training starts since I can’t watch the games.

So I started looking for another sport, and my choices were football, basketball, football (European style) and hockey. Football, stupid; basketball, BORING; the other football (eh maybe, but hard to find) and hockey. My friend took me to an AHL game during the lockout last season. We sat two rows back from the ice since it was my first game. She thought I might get scared when someone got checked if we sat in the first row. So we’re watching and the players came around and BANG! The plexi wobbled, the people sitting in the first row jumped.

I was hooked.

The final step in obsession is starting a blog, so even though I know jack-shit about hockey I am writing about it. I know how to write and I know how to make a blog look good. The rest will fall into place I hope.


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