Season Opener

Today is the first day of hockey for the 2014-2015 season. The Sabres didn’t start tonight but my other team the Bruins did and they won. For those of you who say, I can’t root for two teams I say, Yes I can. In fact I have it on good authority that only team you can’t be a fan of along with the Bruins is the Canadiens. And I’m not a Canadiens fan.

This is just a quick post before I check the line-ups for my fantasy teams. Since the Bruins won, I’m a little looped right now since I drink Fireball whiskey for each goal and then one for the win.

Now I am listening to Vancouver vs. Calgary. I got this cool app for listening, that is it would be cool if all the team feeds worked. Maybe they will get all sorted out as the season goes along. I have also noticed, that the more I watch hockey, the more I can follow the play on the radio. All this means is, I need to watch more hockey.


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