This fell under my seat.

IMG_2323Last night I went to Sabres versus Devils in New Jersey. I was there for warm-ups and as I was watching I heard this big clunk, this guy ran up saying something about ‘right under your seat’. I got up, he looked around under the row of seats and pulled this out, then handed it to me. Which he didn’t have to and I don’t know why he did, but I’m glad to have it.

The Sabres lost in a shoot-out but overall it was a good game, I thought both teams played well. Two other reasons it was a good game were I got a puck and I didn’t strangle the twerpy little Devil’s fan who kept screaming: “YOU SUCK” at my new cutie-pie netminder Neuvirth. No offense to Tuukka who is my one true love, he understands I can’t resist the cute.