Ice Dreams Round 2

Or perhaps I should say, 2nd period.

As you can see, I didn’t do so well blogging about hockey. Actually I have not been doing well with any of my blogs this year. Last week I made a resolution, I am calling it my, end of baseball season/beginning of hockey season resolution to write in each of my blogs at least once a week. That is 4 posts a week which I think is pretty reasonable.

This year I have again signed up for Fantasy Hockey, two leagues one in ESPN and the other in Yahoo. My friend Mary starts them and encourages me to stay active. I am hoping that maintaining this blog will help me to remember to stay in tune with what is happening with my teams. Tonight was the draft for the ESPN league, which I forgot about and also didn’t get my favorite goalie. Thursday is Yahoo, and I hope to remember and maybe get him in that team.

Also, I am trying to decide if I should get a package to watch the games since my team is not local. Right now I would have to wait until I get paid again but it might be worth it.

This weeks player profile is Jhonas Enroth.